It was four years ago that I made the decision to move away from home, to follow a dream, to leave everything that I knew behind, to spread my wings and trust that I would fly.  And so I packed up my bags and headed to the tropics. A good family friend told my mom that I would get tired of the heat and the temperature staying the same every day. Boy, was he correct? I know, things are always greener on the other side. I am in the snow and I want sunny days on the beach and then when I  have hot, sunny days on the beach, I want cool evenings in the mountains.

I have learned a lot about myself in these four years, and one of those things is that there is nothing like a cool evening to clear my brain, to cleanse my soul. Combine that with beautiful scenery, amazing people, good music, and laughter…well, that is good for the heart, my heart. Being away from home, I miss things, I miss the people so much. So I  find little corners of the world that remind me of those things and those people. I found that little place this weekend in the hills of the Cameron Highlands. It is an emerald gem in a world of never-ending palm oil plantations. The rain forest is a wall of green and around the corner, these stunning tea plantations. I had no idea what to expect.  


It was easy to get lost just watching the wave of green.

There were multiple times throughout the weekend that I just found myself smiling, with my entire body. I was driving through the windy, mountain roads (the kind you must honk before you go around a corner as there is only room for one vehicle!) with the windows down and music blasting, when I realized my smile. I was reconnecting and it felt so good!

IMG_5297 I woke up with a shiver. There was no aircon, there was just the cool breeze from outside. I took another deep breath and smiled. I had found the mountains in the tropics!

And then as I was getting ready to go down and get a coffee, I noticed this sign by the elevator and smiled.IMG_5282

This time, it was a smile because I was reminded of where I was, in the tropics. Very far away from home, learning new, exciting things and letting my wings open up and trust that I will fly.  It is not always a smooth flight, but it is a beautiful and interesting one.