Joy in the Mundane


As I sit down to write today, I am noticing a huge pattern in my life. I eat out, a lot. I find that in Kuala Lumpur it is less expensive and way more delicious place to eat out than cook at home. And I have a plethora of options right outside my door. The neighborhood I live in is a marvelous little nook in a giant concrete jungle. When I walk out the front door, if I turn right, this is where I can find as many little food spots, clubs, live music, and all of the best people watching a person could ask for. If I decide to go left out the front door and walk about a block, I have access to a huge green space. It is one of the last areas of protected natural rainforest in the city. Here I can escape from the chaos of KL for a brief moment, possibly spot a few monkeys if I get there early enough, or just walk around the multiple paths and enjoy the green. So, long story short, I enjoy my little space I have found in the city.

This evening, my friend Alex and I decided to exit the apartment and go right. We were excited about a dinner of catching up, wine, and yummy Indian food. Which is exactly what we got.  It was nearing the end of our meal, I noticed a man in the back of the restaurant prepping naan or roti canai in the most rhythmic way. He was making the dough and then quickly turning them into perfect balls. He obviously knew what he was doing! I  pointed it out to Alex, we were enthralled with how methodically he was working. It sparked a conversation about figuring out the process. How many balls will he make?  Does he get bored?  It was the place to be for the people working at the restaurant. Others would go and visit with him for awhile, share some laughs, ask questions, some would just take a break and watch. Admiring his work.  However, he didn’t stop once, he had a rhythm. And every one of his dough balls was perfect. He was smiling, joking with others and seemed to be enjoying himself. It was such small moment, but one that I continue to think about. Finding the joy in the smallest, sometimes routine, maybe mundane to others, this is something I know I want to work on. This man is an inspiration. 


3 thoughts on “Joy in the Mundane

  1. Ugh, a goal for me for sure. I am terrible about avoiding the things I find mundane and repetitive- I really need to work to see the joy in them. I could see your images quite clearly and appreciate you noticing this man.


  2. With the right attitude, I think repetitive work can be very soothing. This man seems to have found that spirit! What an exciting experience you have, being in Kuala Lumpur…amazing to think it is ordinary to “possibly spot a few monkeys.” Fun!


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