Recurring Slices (solsc17-#3)


A small moment that causes the same reaction every time. I am going to call it the recurring slice. I am guessing there is already a code name for it, but as I am new to this challenge I am not sure.

At the beginning of the month, we all have things that we do. Pay bills, get ready for the upcoming birthdays in class and possibly check in with friends to schedule face time dates. But by far, my favorite thing to do is change my calendar. This may sound like an ordinary thing to do, flip a page right? But this is not an ordinary calendar, it is so special to me. Here I am welcomed by pictures of my favorite people in the whole wide world, my 3 beautiful nieces. My sister makes me a new calendar each year, and I eagerly look for it under the Christmas tree every year.

I got home on the first of March, pretty exhausted from the day, forgetting the date completely.  Walked in the door, dropped my bags on the floor and took a deep breath, kicked off my shoes, filled up my water glass and headed to the couch. Ready to sit down on and just relax. I decided to see if I had anything in my fridge, knowing I didn’t I closed it quickly. A magnet fell off and my calendar slipped a little. A huge smile filled my face. All of the exhaustion disappeared, it was that time again! I get to change the calendar. I quickly took it down and took an extra look at all of the pictures in February (movie nights, sleepovers, and playground fun)!

It was time. I flipped the calendar to March and the pages were full of my oldest niece. March is her birthday month! Her beautiful smile warmed my heart. Memories captured on that page. I immediately wonder what my nieces are doing, what moments they are having? I can hear their giggles, feel their hugs, and smell their hair after a fun bubble bath!   Living internationally has so many wonderful benefits to it, but it is difficult too. I realize all of the wonderful things, people, and moments I am missing. So, this recurring slice fills my heart with joy but it also causes tears to well up in my eyes. An internal conflict that will never go away.

What is your recurring slice?


3 thoughts on “Recurring Slices (solsc17-#3)

  1. I LOVE the idea of a recurring slice! You are so lucky to have this calendar to look at full of love. The detail you wrote about your arrival and the way you remembered to change the calendar (never mind the memories of your nieces) create such vivid images. I understand the sadness about being so far away. It both makes the time together that much sweeter but fills you with regret for all the missed moments.


    • Love that you focused on this one small thing – and find such strong, stirring emotions. What a special calendar you have! Love the idea of a “recurring slice” – what would mine be? Something to reflect on!


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